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5th Sep 2011, 6:38 PM
Page 25
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Author Notes:
PixieFurious edit delete
And with that, Issue 3 comes to a close.

And on a cliffhanger?!! Who'da thunk it?! That's so unlike me!! ;)

The printed version of issue 3 will have a fanart section. Want your art to be in it? Send some CONIES fanart my way!
User comments:
bbedlam edit delete
he took the wordsh ri' out my moushhhh...

yay for new Conies! Time to see Lena and Ant kick some serious ass!
Ringer Buskin edit delete
Ringer Buskin
Steve the Mew hunter edit delete
Steve the Mew hunter
10 inches of steel vs. Ant? Not even 50 inches of steel can hold her off. 100... maybe... if you're lucky.
DrewB84 (Guest) edit delete
Awesome! Nailbitin to the fullest!
RevLina (Guest) edit delete
GAAAAH! I'm already desperate for issue 4!