Comic 78 - Issue 4: Cover
2nd Feb 2012, 8:46 PM
Issue 4: Cover
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Author Notes:
PixieFurious edit delete
That's right. It's happening. Page one this Sunday.
User comments:
Kristy edit delete
Yaaaaaay, you're back! *u*
NOT Barker (Guest) edit delete
Who gets the fourth cosmo?

And what is Lina doing with her foot?
Invader.Socks edit delete
Can it be? It's back! :D
RevLina (Guest) edit delete
This is gorgeous! Why are you so damn talented????
RevLina (Guest) edit delete
Lina gets the 4th cosmo.
Natalia (Guest) edit delete
Ive been waiting for this! So excited!!
The Doodler edit delete
The Doodler
The Ant cracks me up.