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20th Mar 2011, 3:02 PM
Page 15
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Micheal edit delete
This is the part where I would haul ass, jump out a window, then set fire to the establishment.
MaryJo (Guest) edit delete
AHHHHHHHHH This just got real. Nice plot twist.
BBC (Guest) edit delete

Nice metaphor for parents wanting to make their children better than themselves.
Linden edit delete
If that's the case, I must say Barker is nicer looking than Frankenstein's monster.
bbedlam edit delete
Ah Lopez, you're my kind of villain. Experiment on kids = good times! Now I have to wonder if he had a hand in the creation of the other Conies though? I can only assume we'll find out down the line.
RevLina (Guest) edit delete
My mind is officially blown. And it's nice to see "cretin" being used.
The Doodler edit delete
The Doodler
This gentleman is somewhat creepy, no? o_O