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29th May 2010, 4:33 PM
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User comments:
Magravan edit delete
I assume Ben just kicked their butts.
Natalia (Guest) edit delete
Nooooooooooo not Ben!
JackitK edit delete
That was a cheap shot, but where is the goon gonna aim? He's way too short to reach his head. :P
bbedlam edit delete
Aww man... Ben's barely ever seen, and now he's getting his knees broken? Not cool, Pixie.. not cool!

Ok, it's kinda cool...
Ringer Buskin edit delete
Ringer Buskin
Dude, Ben just extended his arms and clobbered them both!
hal9000 (Guest) edit delete
I just read all these. You are good at stuff, just sayin'

Did you mean what you said about special orders for prints, like, say, this one, big? >.>

your newest fan
PixieFurious edit delete
General comment: I'm so pumped that I have characters people care about. Just sayin'! That makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

@JackitK: Ben may be tall, but he's still quite vulnerable. Even if you can't reach his head, a baseball bat will still do damage.

@BBedlam: I know, I'm awful.

@hal9000: Friend, you can have whatever you want! Just email me with specifics!
BBC (Guest) edit delete