Comic 32 - Page 07
16th Mar 2010, 5:08 AM
Page 07
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User comments:
RevLina (Guest) edit delete
Holy Moses!!! I'm dying for the next page!
BBC (Guest) edit delete
Nice BG work. I can dig it.
DreamSanguine edit delete
I love how you build up suspense in each page. If we close our eyes and wish hard enough, will the next page magically be uploaded? :D
Monkeyman edit delete
BLAST IT, it's like watching DBZ for the first time and NEEEDING THE NEXT EPISODE! lol
Ringer Buskin (Guest) edit delete
If I were Barker I would walk into a Verizon store and take a box of those new high tech phones, and when a sales rep tried to intervene, I'd casually state "These aren't the droids you're looking for"

Great job :)
bbedlam edit delete
1. Ringer Buskin: .... you hurt my brain.

2. Come on now, he can control minds and all he asks the hot lady in the barely-there clothing for is ... money? He's either got high morals or low imagination :) Also, how tall is Barker? Either he's pretty short or that lady at the till is very tall. So now I'm just curious.
PixieFurious edit delete
@RevLina: Coming soon!

@BBC: Thanks!

@DreamSanguine: Keep wishing! lol, a new page is coming very soon!

@Monkeyman: Never watched DBZ but I know the feeling!

@Ringer: I would do the same thing.

@Bbedlam: Barker is hovering just under 6 feet tall. I wanted to have the lady at the till be like, on a raised platform... but as I was doing it I realized it just looks like she's very tall. I'm happy to go with that though!
Lee edit delete
I thought the lady and Barker's height difference was a perspective thing.

Also, Barker doesn't seem like the type of guy to use his powers like that.