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7th Mar 2010, 9:06 AM
Page 06
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User comments:
Linden edit delete
Love the last line, it's so casual. XD
RevLina (Guest) edit delete
This is so exciting. I can't wait 'til next week!!! But I must. Sigh.

What's the painting behind Tom of Angel's desk?
Lee edit delete
La...I love how matter-of-fact Barker is about it. Again, I must compliment your attention to detail; the wallpaper in Leah's room, the painting in Tom's office. You're just amazing.
DreamSanguine edit delete
Always so enjoyable. I look forward to Sundays now.
BBC (Guest) edit delete
Woo hoo! One more week without jumping the shark :)

Uh... that came out as a backhanded compliment, but it wasn't meant to be...