Comic 30 - Page 05
21st Feb 2010, 6:39 AM
Page 05
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User comments:
Lee edit delete
O.O Barker's a little scary sometimes.
Pam (Guest) edit delete
You should see him in real life.
Magravan edit delete
Quite the handy skill to have ;D
bbedlam edit delete
*sigh* .... I want mind control powers too.
"Barker" Furious (Guest) edit delete
If ONLY!!!
RevLina (Guest) edit delete
His hair! LOL! I'm distracted by his hair.

But fuck Max. Seriously.
PixieFurious edit delete
@bbedlam: You and me both!

@Revlina: Word, Max is a total prick.
Linden edit delete
Lillywhite (Guest) edit delete
That's fucking awesome. Yays. I'm so glad I waited this long and had a solid twenty minutes to read before I hit the wall. Nicely done, sweetheart. Miss you bunches.
Lillywhite (Guest) edit delete
this makes me want to pick up my own writing again...

...I love you.
The5thFromElbow2Wrist edit delete
I just started reading from the begining, and now I know that some good blood shed is an option for the next pages, this comics got it all covered