Comic 24 - Page 22
14th Dec 2009, 1:49 PM
Page 22
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Em Kultra edit delete
Em Kultra
He works for the brotherhood of evil mutants!
RevLina (Guest) edit delete
Uh-oh! Evil's a-cummin'
Run Away!
Furious (Guest) edit delete
With the exception of the black eye, I've lived that last panel before. Me resigned, Lina angry at me and Jen being concerned that all hell's gonna break loose.
Magravan edit delete
Am I the only one who was hoping for the last panel to have him with his neck snapped in the gutter? His threats at the end using up his last chance?
PixieFurious edit delete
@Em Kultra: Oh yes, X-Men's influence on me will continue to seep onto the pages of CONIES.

@RevLina: It's Lopez! Run!

@Furious: I think the Lina isn't really mad at Barker, just mad that they'll have to replace the bar's window.

@Magravan: lol, Tom is making NO friends in this comic so far. :)
Monkeyman edit delete
Bloody hell, this is getting quite interesting.
Big back story seems to exist and it's grabbed me.
Oh yeah, and to reply to your comment, so have I.
It's a mixed bag being clumsy, ain't it? lol
Guest (Guest) edit delete
Fight Fight Fight!
RevLina (Guest) edit delete
I miss Conies so much! I want more now!