Comic 22 - Behind the Scenes of CONIES!
29th Nov 2009, 9:13 AM
Behind the Scenes of CONIES!
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User comments:
Ringer (Guest) edit delete
You're Breaking the 4th wall!!!
BBC (Guest) edit delete
That fourth wall is old and busted. Transparency is the new hotness.
BBC (Guest) edit delete
Oh, and I just remembered... how do those "half people" poop!?
fingerwitch edit delete
Hey, is that Johnny Eck?
Lee edit delete
Ooh! This is just like when you were going through the different costumes earlier! I will again say yay for behind-the-scene-ness.
Em Kultra edit delete
Em Kultra
Very well researched visually I see.
RevLina (Guest) edit delete
That is Mr. Eck!

And I'm pretty sure I could stop a bullet. Right?
GeoD. (Guest) edit delete
You're comic is pure awesome. Just sayin.
Invader.Socks edit delete
Love this comic!

Also, where did you find that picture of the witch doctor lady? I MUST KNOW!
Bleach and Cloth edit delete
Bleach and Cloth
This seal the deal for me deciding to subscribe or not. I am interested in when and where burlesque comes up if at all since your strip pop up for a search for burlesque. I think referring real life friends is wonderful. My own strip I reference my burlesque other performer friends as well as Muslim friends (ya I know a variety of people).