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22nd Nov 2009, 11:58 AM
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User comments:
BBC (Guest) edit delete
Wait... I'm confused now. So those WEREN'T really special effects? He was JK the whole time? I'm getting dizzy, lol
Xila31 edit delete
Ah ha! So it isn't a complete act after all. She really is strong!
Lee edit delete
Dude, I officially love the Ant's clothes. The trench coat rocks.
Thomas (Guest) edit delete
Ah, another typical TFL rehersal... ;-)

Looks great!
RevLina (Guest) edit delete
She is wee but mighty!
Monkeyman edit delete
Aww yeah, finally! IT'S ON, BITCHES! lol
Lillywhite (Guest) edit delete

*Loves mad Jen face*
Bleach and Cloth edit delete
Bleach and Cloth
Now I am actually interested in the assumed bad guy now and just when he is about to get his face pummeled ;)